Barbara Gulten

Founder, Director of Strategy

For 15+ years I've helped organizations understand the importance of UX and adopt the discipline in meaningful ways. My philosophy and framework is focused on innovation, design, and most of all the magic ingredient—people. I’ve had the privilege of hiring, managing and mentoring UX teams comprised of designers, researchers and developers. By integrating insights from quantitative and qualitative research, I devise creative strategies and make decisions that improve critical business metrics. With simplicity at the core, I’ve designed and launched award-winning experiences across various verticals.

Past clients include: Amazon, American Family Insurance, Shopbop, East Dane, Zappos, Great Lakes Higher Education, State of WI, DealerSync, Staunch Machinery, Oliv & Te, General Casualty (now QBE)

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Eliana Stein

Founder, Director of Design

I believe in elevating the aesthetic side of the customer's experience without sacrificing usability. Having designed products from e-commerce apps to medical software, I know the value of cross-disciplinary collaboration. I'll happily spend an afternoon designing the perfect set of buttons, because details matter. For over 10 years, I’ve been putting my love of design and functionality to work, helping businesses and organizations communicate clearly with their audience. In a previous life, I designed physical matter—everything from coffee table books to aquarium signage.   

Past clients include: Chewy, Converse, GE Healthcare, Grantland, HarperCollins, McSweeney’s, San Francisco Ballet, Shopbop, Warner Bros.


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25+ years of experience
products in 12 languages
4 US patents
3 continents
2 Fortune 15 companies